Hey Vids, you got some tips for me?”

“Nah man, all I got are these habits.

When people find out I am a health and wellness coach, the first question I get asked is if I can give them a tip of some sort (exercise, nutrition, sleep..etc).

“What should I eat?”

This is the wrong question.


In general, most people ask the wrong question in health and wellness and that’s why they make such little progress, even though what they could do with their minds and bodies would amaze them.  This video most definitely drives this point home.  You may not understand exactly the healing modalities that they are referring to, but as a practitioner they hit the nail on the head.  CONTEXT.  If you ask me a question, I usually need to ask 50 more to determine your context.

“What should I eat?”

What do you eat right now?

What effects are the food you eat having on you right now?

When do you eat?

In what environment do you eat?

How do you feel when you eat?

Do you eat when you’re not hungry?

Do you stop eating when you’re full?

Are you aware of your hunger and fullness triggers?

Are you distracted when you eat?

What is your metabolism like?

How active are you?

How do you feel after you eat?

Are you having trouble assimilating nutrients?

Are you having trouble eliminating wastes?

Do you eat breakfast?

What does it consist of?

What are your energy levels throughout the day?

When do you eat your biggest meal?

What time do wake up?

What time do you sleep?

Do you nap?

Do you wake up tired?

Do you eat at regular times every day?

Do you eat on the run?

What quality is the food that you eat?

What foods are difficult to digest?

What foods do you love?

What is your level of stress?

How often are you stressed?

Do you eat when you’re upset?

Do you take a few minutes to rest quietly after your meal?

Do you eat before your previous food has been digested?

That’s only 33 questions, but trust me that I could go on.  Plus I have about 60 questions I would ask to determine what your mind and body type is.  Now this seems overwhelming I know, but a practitioner can determine where you should start (that’s where they provide immense value), but only after determining your context.  Health and wellness is highly individual, and is all about learning about yourself.

I’ll say that again.

Health and wellness is about learning about yourself.

And it is a LIFE LONG journey.

We gotten very used to a prescriptive nature of health and wellness.


“I have symptom X.”

“Here, take prescription Y.”


“What should I eat?”

“Eat more greens.”


What is the true source of your question/concern/symptom? This is a strategic question.  Strategy is all about asking the right question.



Vidya runs a program called 9 Habits to effectively address your health and wellness concerns and goals.  Your habits are who you are.  Your habits are the actions you take every day—the behaviour that is the result of what you deeply believe about yourself.  Your habits tell me what you value in your life, what you think about yourself and others, what your goals are, who you attract, where you’ll be in a year…5 years…10 years.

*Bonus Question/Answer Humour