I have been writing about fatigue for a couple of weeks.  Fatigue is so prevalent in our lives, and for many people, such a constant condition, that is goes undetected as a state of being unwell.  Working, living and being without energy is our norm, and even something we boast about.  Feeling energetic, deeply nourished, invigorated, inspired, thriving, and limitless are not states of being that most people experience for more than a fleeting moment.  These feelings may seem out of reach only because we don’t know how to access and prolong them.  There is no reason that we all can’t experience these feelings more often. I believe that these states are primarily out of reach because we unknowingly are better at spending and depleting our energy than we are at creating and sustaining it.

When I tell people that I started writing a newsletter on health and wellness, without fail, the majority of people’s first response is a comment about their feelings about exercise:

 “Ummm, well, I don’t exercise.  I mean, I don’t like exercise.”

“Oh I don’t think I need it, I exercise very regularly.”

“I know I should exercise, I just can’t fit it in.”


So in most people’s mind: 

health & wellness = Exercise

In my mind:

health & wellness = Learning About Yourself (your whole self—mind, body, and spirit)

And when I say learning about yourself, I don’t just mean how the human body and mind work, but how YOUR body and mind works.  You have a unique body and mind type which is usually a new perspective for most people.  You also have unique gifts and talents, unique perspectives and experiences, and your own unique deep motivators that drive everything you do.  Learning about yourself is key to living the life you want.

Now learning is not a fun a process.  If you’re having fun, I think you may be doing it wrong 😉 

To learn, you have to step outside of your comfort zone; into the unknown, into uncertainty.

Learning is uncomfortable and an active process.  We often mistake reading and listening, passive practices of consuming information, for learning.

Learning requires testing, failing, practicing, measuring, reflecting and iterating over and over again.

However, learning also requires deep restoration, recovery, refueling, rejuvenation and rest to complete the process.  This rest and recovery phase is crucial in order to allow the time and the right environment for new neural connections to be made, and for these new connections to become permanent states in your body and mind.

So I may have misled you a bit, the second part of learning is fun.  Crazy, crazy fun.  Joy and fun are deeply nourishing.  Playing, laughing, dancing, eating, loving…getting lost in the moment.  Anything and everything that makes you smile just thinking about it.  This part is not optional; it is mandatory. 

So there you have it, our journey will consist of: discomfort + crazy, crazy fun. 
I hope you’ll join me in learning about yourself.  It has been my obsession for some time.

I apologize, this isn’t what I intended to write this week (as you can see from the first paragraph) but I guess this is what needed to come out.  I’ll get back to writing about how to get more energy next week.  Have a good one.


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