So let’s talk about some good stuff.  I’ve been writing about fatigue for a few weeks, but fatigue is a downer.  We can get caught up in wanting to know why we feel fatigued, and while that is definitely important, it is equally important to actually find ways to be energized every day.  Also, when you’re feeling energized, it’s also much easier and more empowering to reflect back and analyze your issues with fatigue.  

Take out a piece of paper or open a document.

Create this chart:



















Write down all the activities you do when you take a break, and put them in the appropriate columns. 

Physical is anything that uses your body differently.

Mental is anything that uses your mind differently.

Emotional is something that changes how you feel.

Spiritual is any activity that you do with your right-brain that is creative, intuitive, or artistic (as opposed to linear, rational, and analytical which are left brain activities). Also any activity in which you give/share, find deeply meaningful, or is in line with your values can be written under Spiritual too.  For example:

Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual
  • Take a walk
  • Surf the internet
  • Call a friend
  • Draw 

Really do this activity.  

So much more clarity is achieved by writing out answers, as compared to just thinking about them in your mind.  Writing is the easiest first step, and the one most people skip, when trying to solve their problems and tap into their potential. 

This is meant to be an exhaustive list, so save it and put it up somewhere you’ll see everyday and add to it as more activities come to mind.    

Now cross off every item that doesn’t make you feel refreshed once you’ve completed the activity.    

The purpose of this creating this chart is to really bring awareness to the activities you engage in which refuel you vs. those that do not.    

Activities that get crossed off are things we do as a distraction or as an escape, but do not refuel us.  When I’ve done this charting with a group of people, watching TV is an activity that gets crossed off everyone’s list.  Now, I’m not saying that TV is bad.  I love good TV, but it is not an activity which refuels you.  If every time you feel fatigue, you do an activity that only serves as an escape, instead of refueling you, you will return to your work or continue your day feeling fatigued.

Notice tomorrow how many times during the day you feel fatigued and take a break with an activity that does not refuel you.

By building awareness, you will begin to notice that finding activities that refuel you will take a priority, and the other activities will become more causal occurrences.  Right now if you are watching TV every day and going to a yoga class twice a week, the frequency will reverse.  That feeling of restoration and vitality will replace the craving for an escape or a distraction.  That`s not to say you`ll stop watching TV completely, but it will become more like an event, like going to the movies.  Something you use as entertainment. Also I’m not suggesting that you need to go to a yoga class every day.  There are manageable ways to incorporate the activities you find rejuvenating in your everyday routine.  You can spend 10 minutes doing intuitive stretching.  Close your eyes and stretch and hold your body in ways that feel good to you.  You don`t need instructions or to do specific movements, follow what feels good and what your body needs. 

Feeling revitalized feels incredibly good.  What’s your biggest challenge with feeling revitalized?  Comment here or reply to this email and I will see if I can provide suggestions to get through any specific obstacles.

Hopefully I have sparked a new or renewed sense of finding activities that refuel you.  You already have things on your list that refuel you.  You just need to find ways to do them more often.  That’s where I would start before looking for new ways to refuel.  But I know you’re curious, so here are two things that I do that really energize me:

  •  Drinking ginger tea—fresh grated organic ginger steeped in a cup of boiling water.  I drink 1-2 cups first thing in the morning.  Ginger cleanses your body of toxins, kickstarts your metabolism, and provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that give you a boost of energy.


  • Tapping acupuncture points on my body.  Tapping certain points on your body send electrochemical impulses to your brain to release neurotransmitters.  Your body is a pharmacy; most of us just don`t know how to access what we need. I feel greatly energized from tapping my K27 points, the 27th pair of acupuncture points on the kidney meridian.  


Tapping your K27 points energizes you if you are feeling drowsy and increases focus if you are having difficulty focusing.  If you`d like more information about this, let me know.  It`s a vast field that can really empower you to generate and sustain energy.
There are a lot of strategies to refuel energy.  Rather than feeling overwhelmed, just start with one.  Develop it into a daily habit and monitor the effects.  Doing one thing well trumps doing 2 or 3 things in a half-assed way.  Half-assed is the enemy.    
Next Week:  An interview with Randell Adjei, an amazing individual that has created a movement Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere that refuels hundreds of people weekly.  You’re going to want to experience what he has created in person. 
Until next Sunday,