About Vidya


vidsVidya Patel is a health, wellness and top performance coach for Untapped Potential. With a degree in Kinesiology and a Masters in Business, Vidya works with leaders, top performers and young top talent to explore and unleash their ‘potential’. Potential that resides in the form of energy, creativity, gifts & talents, and our deepest motivators. We all have latent energy, creativity, talents, and deep motivators that can be harnessed to achieve all of our goals and live to our fullest potential. How to access, explore and refine these aspects of ourselves remains a mystery to most people. Our energy, creativity, talents and deep motivators lie within our body and mind. Learning how our bodies and mind really work and how to optimize them leads to our top performance. This is an underutilized strategy that can help individuals stand out in whatever industry they’re pursing. Vidya presents workshops, runs structured group programs and provides one-on-one coaching.

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